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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Knowledge Session

Will Prem Rawat demonstrate the techniques of Knowledge to all virtual audiences via livestream?

Prem will demonstrate the techniques to participants locally in Berlin, Germany. The session will be broadcast to other locations in Europe where Knowledge sessions will be held simultaneously.

Which virtual audiences will be watching Prem’s demonstration of the techniques?

The Knowledge Session will be streamed to several European venues where people have expressed an interest in learning the techniques of Self-Knowledge.

I already know the techniques. What should I do during the livestream as a virtual viewer?

Prem Rawat has invited anyone who knows the techniques of Knowledge to practice during the portion of the event when he is demonstrating each technique to in-person participants.

I don’t know the techniques. What should I do during the livestream as a virtual viewer?

It’s an ideal time to read or listen to Prem’s book “Hear Yourself.” You can also take this time to download the TimelessToday app to enjoy the Peace Education and Knowledge (PEAK) online course and begin a next step in the journey to self-knowledge.

What is the total duration of this event/livestream?

The opening livestream will include about twenty minutes of Prem Rawat speaking about the unique opportunity we each have while we’re alive. There will be about three hours during which the livestream will silently offer an opportunity to practice each technique and take breaks. At approximately 1:30 p.m. CEST the livestream will conclude with Prem acknowledging participants and closing out the event.

How can I get a review of the techniques of self-knowledge?

A review of the techniques of Knowledge can be requested after completing 9 chapters of PEAK (Peace Education and Knowledge).

Which languages will this livestream be available in?

This livestream will be in English with simultaneous French, German, Hindi and Spanish interpretation.

Where is this event taking place?

The event is being live-streamed from Berlin, Germany.

How can I attend this event in person?

Please go to WOPG for in-person event details.

Will there be similar events and livestreams in the future?

Yes. Prem is excited to find opportunities to engage with those individuals who know the techniques of Knowledge and to connect with anyone interested in learning more.

Where can I find more information about Prem’s techniques of self-knowledge?

There are many ways to understand more about self-knowledge, including TimelessToday.TV,, and more. When there is a sincere interest in having the techniques of self-knowledge demonstrated, then please ask.

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