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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Knowledge Review

What does Intelligent Existence do?

“IE” is Prem Rawat’s innovative training company with various courses currently in development. The first to be released this year is his signature program “PEAK” (Peace Education and Knowledge). All IE trainings are based on Prem’s three guiding principles for experiencing life to the fullest: 

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Live Your Life Consciously
  3. Have a Heart Filled with Gratitude

Trainings are presented in person and online. Some are facilitated, and some are self-paced. They each include pre-recorded videos, journaling and reflections. When facilitated, there are also group discussions and exercises. Intelligent Existence trainings are geared both to the general public and professional sectors.

What is PEAK?

PEAK is an acronym for Peace Education and Knowledge. In this context, the word “Knowledge” refers to the practice that Prem Rawat has been teaching since he was 8 years old. It consists of four separate techniques; these are practical tools that are a bridge to take your focus from the outside to the inside. This practice is the avenue to an experience that is innately inside of you, where you can feel and know who you are.

 “Knowledge puts you in touch with knowing.
Hence, the name ‘Knowledge.’
Knowledge of the self.” – Prem Rawat

 The objective is to expand your horizons, find fulfillment within yourself, and feel gratitude for your existence – every day. It is an inner journey and lifelong exploration. 

PEAK is the pathway to Knowledge. There is no charge to learn these techniques; however, a sincere desire is a prerequisite.

What is PEP?

PEP is an acronym for the Peace Education Program. It is a facilitated series of video-based workshops with Prem’s addresses on 10 different themes that help participants discover their own inner resources and personal strengths. The classes include reflection time, discussions, workbook activities and reading materials. 

Currently, PEP is available in 80 countries, in 40 languages, and over 300,000 participants have enjoyed this course in-person and live online since it began in 2012. 

There is no charge for PEP. Individuals or organizations can apply to The Prem Rawat Foundation to acquire a license and conduct the course for interested groups who meet the PEP criteria.

Where are Knowledge Sessions with Prem Rawat being conducted?

Prem is conducting a Knowledge Session in October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 8th.

If Prem Rawat is traveling or not available to conduct a Knowledge Session in person, a person who has completed PEAK can request to attend a Knowledge Session locally, conducted by trained Knowledge Session team facilitators.

Will Prem Rawat demonstrate the techniques of Knowledge to virtual audiences via livestream?

Prem will not be demonstrating the techniques via livestream. The virtual audience is welcome to join the opening session.

What is the total duration of this event/livestream?

The opening sessions are the only part of Knowledge Sessions and Knowledge Reviews (refreshers) that are livestreamed to TimelessToday subscribers. These sessions are usually 25 to 35 minutes, but may run longer.

What is a Knowledge Review?

A Knowledge Review is for those who have previously learned the techniques of Knowledge and would like a refresher. 

Prem conducts in-person Knowledge Reviews locally when possible. To be informed, stay in touch with organizers in your area. Currently, a Knowledge Review is scheduled in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on October 10th 

Knowledge Session teams worldwide also conduct Knowledge Reviews locally.

In which languages will the opening session of the Knowledge Session and Knowledge Review livestreams be available?

The Knowledge Session and Knowledge Review opening session livestreams will be broadcast in English with simultaneous interpretation in Hindi.

 Additionally, within 72 hours after the livestream, replays will be available in Tamil, Mandarin, Spanish and French interpretation. 

The Knowledge Review in Japan on October 29th will include simultaneous interpretation in Japanese. Replays will be available in Mandarin, Spanish and French interpretation.

Will there be more Intelligent Existence events and livestreams in the future?

Yes. Prem travels extensively to reach people all over the world interested in learning more about his message, the practice of Knowledge, and attending or hosting his events and trainings.

How can I find out more?

For more information:

  • Visit Prem Rawat’s website:
  • Read his best-selling book: “Hear Yourself – How to Find Peace in a Noisy World.”
  • Explore his message and latest event releases on audio or video: TimelessToday.TV
  • Learn more about his humanitarian efforts through The Prem Rawat Foundation:

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