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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for IE Pilot Program

What is Intelligent Existence (IE)?

Intelligent Existence is a newly created educational division of TimelessToday that develops and facilitates transformational learning programs.

How is Intelligent Existence similar to or different from Peace Education Program and PEAK?
  • Peace Education Program is a free series of video-based workshops with reflection time, participant discussions, workbook activities, and reading materials. Each workshop features videos of Prem Rawat addressing one of 10 different themes to help participants discover their own inner strength and personal peace. Any individual or organization can apply to The Prem Rawat Foundation for a free license to offer the course to interested groups.
  • PEAK is a free, self-paced course available to everyone in the TimelessToday app. It includes more than six hours of video and an interactive journal for recording reflections.
  • Intelligent Existence is a training designed specifically for both public and professional sectors. There will be a charge and it includes live presentations with Prem. The trainings are presented both in-person and/or via a webinar format conducted on Zoom. Both formats include pre-recorded videos, reflection, and group discussions. Note: If Prem is conducting a class “in person” then interaction with online participants will happen with a host.
Will Prem be speaking live in the Intelligent Existence training?

Yes. Prem will introduce and conduct the class personally. In the future, he may train people to become certified Intelligent Existence Representatives who will extend the reach of IE training programs.

Why was I invited to register for the pilot program?

You were invited because someone from the IE team recommended you. They thought you would enjoy it and also be able to provide useful feedback. As IE develops, many other people will be invited to enroll. 

What is the upcoming pilot program about?
The Intelligent Existence pilot program is based on Prem Rawat’s new book “Hear Yourself which will be released in English this September. It is an opportunity for Prem and the IE team to test out their approach, receive feedback, and make refinements. By enrolling in the pilot program, you will be contributing to the ongoing development of Intelligent Existence.
Will I be required to participate in the group discussions?

If there is time, and only if you want to. As many people as possible will be given the opportunity to share their impressions, insights, and takeaways during the discussion sessions.

What practical setup will I need for the virtual course?
  • A private space
  • Wi-Fi or cellular with a broadband speed at least of 15 megabits per second (Mbps). You can test your internet speed by going to
  • A digital device, e.g., laptop, desktop,  tablet, or mobile phone. (Mobile phone use is possible, but not recommended, as Zoom functionality is limited.)
  • Zoom application installed
  • Pen and paper
Is any pre-work required?

Get plenty of rest and create an atmosphere for yourself that is conducive for reflection and learning.

Can I invite others to participate?

If you decide to enroll, your registration covers only one participant – you.

Can I record the pilot program?

No. This training content is the sole property of Prem Rawat.

 The content of all Intelligent Existence trainings is copyright protected. Recording is strictly prohibited under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  

 You may not record, copy, duplicate, redistribute, display, modify, or create any derivative works based upon the content, whether distributed free of charge or not.

Is the pilot program confidential? Can I tell people about it?

Yes, please let people know about Intelligent Existence and encourage them to sign up for information on future offerings.

Why is the Intelligent Existence course not a part of my TimelessToday subscription?

Although Intelligent Existence is under the umbrella of TimelessToday, it is an entirely separate division.

IE is a commercial (fee-based) training company that develops and produces educational courses not offered on the TimelessToday app or website.

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